Launch Event: Global Study on the Value of Self-Care

A one-of-a-kind global study demonstrating the value of self-care will be released this week during a side event of the World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly in Geneva. The study, “Self-Care Socio-Economic Research,” was produced by the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF).

“Given the proven benefits and efficiency gains that self-care delivers, it is clear self-care has to be given much higher priority by governments at all levels. It is currently an area that is sadly too often overlooked in health policy,” said GSCF Director General Judy Stenmark. “And that applies to both the wealthier industrialised nations and the world’s lower-income countries and regions.”

The event will explore the benefits self-care brings to individuals, communities and health systems by improving quality of life and welfare and while allowing for better allocation of resources.

Healthcare professionals, health economists, media, decision/policymakers, academia and other parties interested in Universal Health Coverage are invited to attend the event on 26 May at 18:00, which will include a moderated panel discussion and questions and answers from the audience.

Panelists include Stenmark; Dr Ritu Sadana, unit head of the Aging and Health division of Universal Health Care, WHO; Prof Uwe May, dean of Fresenius University of Applied Sciences; Lars-Åke Söderlund, vice president of FIP; and Kawaldip Sehmi, CEO of the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations.

The session, moderated by broadcast journalist Shiulie Ghosh, will also be live-streamed.

Panelists will discuss the crucial role of self-care including current and future contribution of self-care for individuals, health care systems and communities; how appropriate self-care policies are needed to harness the benefits; the economics of health and well-being, and health as a public policy objective; the global social and economic impact of self-care across different regions; systemic, individual and societal benefits of self-care and its contribution to the achievement of UHC and the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and translating the evidence to patient centered health care policies supported by pharmacists.

“The Global Social and Economic Value of Self-Care Study very clearly demonstrates the benefits of self-care for individuals, healthcare professionals and health systems. It is now time to realize the potential of self-care, for everyone, everywhere,” Stenmark concluded.

More information or register for the event.

Part of a supported series by the Global Self-Care Federation.

Image Credits: Flickr.

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