Monkeypox can be spread by an infected person through salive and droplets, including mouth lesions, as well as via bedding.  A mother can also pass the virus to her baby across the placenta. In addition, untreated HIV might increase the risk of more serious infection. So warned Dr Rosamund Lewis, the WHO’s monkeypox expert, at […] Continue reading ->
A one-of-a-kind global study demonstrating the value of self-care will be released this week during a side event of the World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly in Geneva. The study, “Self-Care Socio-Economic Research,” was produced by the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF). “Given the proven benefits and efficiency gains that self-care delivers, it is clear self-care […] Continue reading ->
The first session of the newly constituted Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) to draft a “pandemic preparedness instrument” for the World Health Organization (WHO) began on Monday. The six-member body, representing all WHO regions, is made up of Precious Matsoso (South Africa), Roland Driece (the Netherlands), Ambassador Tovar da Silva Nunes (Brazil), Ahmed Salama Soliman (Egypt), […] Continue reading ->