This year’s 73rd edition of the World Health Assembly resumes virtually on Monday, after a two-day emergency huddle in May – against sharply rising COVID-19 infection rates in Europe and the United States, deep geopolitical divides – and calls for reform of the WHO that could strengthen its mandate but also may be resisted by […] Continue reading ->
IBADAN, Nigeria – In the wake of George Floyd’s death in June 2020, the decentralized protests initially organized by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement triggered an awakening and an echo that has reached well beyond the borders of the United States. What started as a non-violent movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and […] Continue reading ->
After weeks of inaction, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has signalled that it will create a comprehensive law to halt rice stubble burning in rural areas of northern India, where drifting smoke from thousands of fires is a major contributor to Delhi’s annual autumn air pollution emergencies. But experts remain skeptical, stating that there are […] Continue reading ->
 Illustration of the AdVac® adenovirus technology, being tested by  Johnson & Johnson, (Credit: J&J) Johnson & Johnson, the only pharma firm currently developing a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine candidate, has “paused” its Phase 3 clinical trial due to an unexplained illness in one of the participants. A press release issued on Monday confirmed reports that a […] Continue reading ->
“I can’t breathe” could have been a slogan for those suffering the worst effects of COVID-19. But now it has become the battle cry of Americans angered over the police killing by strangulation of a Minneapolis man, George Floyd, last week.  While this is the latest in a years-long series of violent events involving African […] Continue reading ->