In a world where health workers are scarce, self-care practices can drastically improve people’s quality of life and alleviate strain on health systems, but depend on a range of factors including patient literacy, fair prices and government stewardship. This is according to a one-of-a-kind global study demonstrating the value of self-care that was launched on […] Continue reading ->
A one-of-a-kind global study demonstrating the value of self-care will be released this week during a side event of the World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly in Geneva. The study, “Self-Care Socio-Economic Research,” was produced by the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF). “Given the proven benefits and efficiency gains that self-care delivers, it is clear self-care […] Continue reading ->
Discussions about the creation of a new global convention on pandemic preparedness and response have already become a bit like a Christmas tree.  Last week’s WHO-convened public hearings, saw a wide array of interest groups trying to attach a number of features to the proposed international pandemic instrument, ranging from stronger accountability and transparency measures […] Continue reading ->
Thirty-one of the African Union’s 55 member states have now signed and/or ratified the African Medicines Agency Treaty, as of 12 May 2022, with Ethiopia as the latest. As the countdown for other nations to sign continues, Health Policy Watch is tracking progress on our AMA Countdown, website developed in collaboration with the African Medicines […] Continue reading ->