As many as 65 million people in over a dozen Southern and Eastern African countries from Mozambique to Ethiopia are facing unprecedented challenges with food security, extreme weather events and conflict, UN officials say. The crises disproportionately affect women, who are already in a more vulnerable situation due to their gender, said Lydia Zigomo, UN […] Continue reading ->
Africa’s health worker shortage is projected to reach more than six million by 2030 – and the weaker the system, the more likely health workers are to leave as poor working conditions erode their morale.  The non-profit organisation, Seed Global Health works to address this shortage by investing in long-term training and support for health […] Continue reading ->
Global surveillance of influenza viruses in animals needs to be intensified to “rapidly detect any changes to the virus that could pose a greater threat to humans”, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyessus told a media briefing on Wednesday. He also urged the media to ensure that the humanitarian crisis in Sudan, […] Continue reading ->
Warnings of above-normal temperatures began in early March. Government health experts issued new guidelines for emergency cooling including measures like heat stroke rooms. By June, hundreds of heat-related deaths had been reported across the country, several in India’s two-month-long election. Under a mid-day blazing sun on a busy Delhi road, Monu Kumar Yadav tends to […] Continue reading ->