In what has become an annual ritual, the World Health Assembly adopted a decision on Wednesday decrying the health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories, and calling on WHO to monitor progress in recommendations for reform by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The decision was approved by 76 votes to 13, with 35 abstentions […] Continue reading ->
In a strong statement against the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine, the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution condemning the violence and calling for an immediate halt to Russian attacks on health facilities. Russia and Syria floated a resolution that made no mention of the Russian aggression, and which failed to find any support among […] Continue reading ->
Changes in mindsets, decision-making, and accountability are the keys to improving synergies between the different agendas of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), health security, and health promotion, a new report shows. Marking the 76th World Health Assembly and Geneva Health Week 2023, Professor Irene Agyepong, co-chair of the “Lancet Commission on Synergies between universal health coverage, […] Continue reading ->
With a political declaration on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on the agenda of the World Health Assembly, we unpack the WHO’s  “Best Buys” that provide countries with tools to address the diseases that are responsible for three-quarters of global deaths Health Policy Watch: The WHO’s “Best Buys” to prevent and control NCDs comprise 90 interventions, which […] Continue reading ->
GENEVA – WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyusus has proposed five measures to strengthen the global health infrastructure to pandemic-proof the world in his WHA report on “Strengthening the global architecture for health emergency preparedness, response and resilience”. The pandemic accord and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) are part of the measure on […] Continue reading ->
A new “Zero+” version of a proposed World Health Organization pandemic accord being negotiated by member states has dropped previously strong language that conditioned use of public R&D funds to private sector commitments to price transparency and tech transfer of end products, among other measuress. However, the updated draft text, obtained by Health Policy Watch, […] Continue reading ->
Three days into the World Health Assembly (WHA), the health emergency caused by Russia’s fifteen-month invasion of Ukraine looks set to become a dominant issue at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) top decision-making body for a second consecutive year. Over 140 Russian missiles and drones have rained down on Ukraine’s energy, civilian and medical infrastructure […] Continue reading ->
As a wave of cholera outbreaks spreads around the world, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance said it expects the global shortage of oral cholera vaccines to continue until the end of 2025. Supply of oral cholera vaccines for preventative use could catch up to demand by 2026, but “urgent action is needed,” according to a vaccine […] Continue reading ->