The World Health Assembly has re-elected India to serve as WHO’s external auditor for the next four years – but there was a steep price tag attached to this year’s appointment. WHO will pay nearly $1 million for India’s services over the coming three-year term of 2024-2027  – amounting to US$ 2.268 million, according to […] Continue reading ->
In what has become an annual ritual, the World Health Assembly adopted a decision on Wednesday decrying the health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories, and calling on WHO to monitor progress in recommendations for reform by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The decision was approved by 76 votes to 13, with 35 abstentions […] Continue reading ->
GENEVA – WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyusus has proposed five measures to strengthen the global health infrastructure to pandemic-proof the world in his WHA report on “Strengthening the global architecture for health emergency preparedness, response and resilience”. The pandemic accord and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) are part of the measure on […] Continue reading ->
A new “Zero+” version of a proposed World Health Organization pandemic accord being negotiated by member states has dropped previously strong language that conditioned use of public R&D funds to private sector commitments to price transparency and tech transfer of end products, among other measuress. However, the updated draft text, obtained by Health Policy Watch, […] Continue reading ->
The World Health Assembly opened its annual meeting of member states Sunday on a celebratory note marking the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization’s foundation in 1948. Eradicating smallpox, eliminating polio in most countries worldwide, and dramatic reductions in deaths from once-deadly childhood diseases preventable by clean water, basic medicines and vaccines are among […] Continue reading ->
Gaya Gamhewage, the agency’s lead official in prevention and response to sexual misconduct, describes WHO’s recent moves to bring justice to DRC’s victims.  In a long-awaited move, the World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing to share files with the Congolese courts on the sexual exploitation and abuse complaints of 13 women who are pursuing criminal […] Continue reading ->