WHO needs to reform its emergencies response functions to clarify lines of authority and responsibility across all aspects of its operations – overhauling its management of sexual exploitation and abuse risks – from prevention to reporting and measures against misconduct.  Those were the highlights of a final report by an Independent Oversight Advisory Committee (IOAC) […] Continue reading ->
Despite a severe lack of COVID test and serological data in Africa, most people on the continent have probably already been exposed to SARS-CoV2, said the director of the influential Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on Thursday.  And in light of that, and the fact that COVID vaccines do not prevent infection, but rather […] Continue reading ->
Despite earlier disruption from Ethiopia, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus received overwhelming support for his nomination for a second term as World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General from the body’s executive board on Tuesday. As the only nominee, Tedros is guaranteed to be re-elected at the next World Health Assembly in May. All WHO regions expressed their […] Continue reading ->
As the World Health Organization’s executive board meets this week, two major issues – reforming its finances and pandemic response – continue to defy easy consensus.   A handful of powerful countries, including but not limited to the United States, remain hesitant over a plan to bolster the World Health Organization’s (WHO) finances by increasing member […] Continue reading ->
In a stark departure from months of booster opposition, WHO on Friday recommended the wider administration of a third shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine – as well as jabs for children age 5 and older.  The recommendation comes after over 120 countries already have booster campaigns in full-swing, some of them beginning as early […] Continue reading ->
A World Health Organization Emergencies Expert Committee has once again re-asserted a recommendation to abolish vaccine requirements for international travel – going well against the grain of current trends – particularly in light of the brouhaha seen over Sunday’s deportation of Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic  from Australia. The WHO expert group, made of some […] Continue reading ->
International financial institutions need to extend widespread debt relief to developing countries, and private sector companies need to mend “social contracts” with societies, and in order to “beat climate, beat COVID” fight hunger – and global financial instability, said UN Secretary General António Guterres. He was speaking on the opening day of the World Economic […] Continue reading ->
China wants to delete language supporting rapid World Health Organization (WHO) access to outbreak sites in future pandemics from a critical document that maps out a way forward in future pandemics, a diplomatic source has told Health Policy Watch. This emerged at Monday’s start of a three-day meeting in Geneva of the global body’s Working […] Continue reading ->
Big pre-holiday hopes that WHO member states might agree on a sweeping financial reforms to put the World Health Organization’s $3 billion annual budget on a more sustainable foundation now seem to be foundering in the New Year. A report by the member state Working Group on Sustainable Financing, published on Tuesday, has stopped short […] Continue reading ->
A new South African study shows that a second Johnson & Johnson dose, administered 6-9 months after the initial single-dose vaccine provided 84% protection against hospitalization from the Omicron SARS-CoV2 variant – results that even outperformed those of an earlier South African study looking at effectiveness of the two-dose Pfizer regime in the face of […] Continue reading ->