As a second earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on Monday morning, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) member states offered their solidarity during an Executive Board (EB) session that presciently focused on refugees and migrants. The two earthquakes struck within 12 hours, and by Monday evening over 2,600 deaths had been reported, while thousands of people […] Continue reading ->
The Russian delegation to the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board (EB) called the report on the work of the UN health agency’s response to the Ukraine war “politicised,” prompting a spirited defense from the agency chief. Russia pressured the UN health agency to revise a report related to its emergency response in Ukraine, prompting […] Continue reading ->
Successful intervention is urgently needed – and entirely possible.  Cancer kills nearly 10 million people a year, but the risk of dying from cancer varies greatly depending on where in the world you live. About 70%  of these deaths are in low- and middle-income countries – and the disparity is worsening. A Lancet Oncology Commission […] Continue reading ->
A new report on global nutrition from the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals just how much the COVID-19 pandemic hurt the world’s efforts to improve healthy eating and reduce diet-related noncommunicable diseases. Despite declaring 2016-2025 as the “United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition,” the UN General Assembly’s efforts to bolster nutrition […] Continue reading ->
World Health Organization’s Executive Board (EB) has gotten behind the rollout of an independent evaluation of the agency’s member state mechanism addressing  falsified and substandard medical products in order to see how surveillance and enforcement of production standards could be improved.  The initiative, which now needs to go to the World Health Assembly in May, […] Continue reading ->
Higher taxes and warning labels on unhealthy food, cigarettes and alcohol, and better screening for cancers, are on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) updated list of “best buys” to address non-communicable diseases (NCD) discussed by member states at the body’s Executive Board meeting on Thursday. The list was updated in response to the lack of […] Continue reading ->
The world has changed since the World Health Organization (WHO) was founded 75 years ago. Established as the specialized health agency of the United Nations in 1948, WHO has played a critical role in addressing global health challenges, disease control, and providing health services to neglected populations ever since.  This week, global health leaders gathered […] Continue reading ->