While there is unanimous agreement that equity is the essential ingredient in any future pandemic treaty ‘recipe’, World Health Organization (WHO) member states are unclear about how can it be incorporated practically. This emerged from an informal consultation on how to “operationalise and achieve” equity convened on Wednesday by the WHO intergovernmental negotiation body (INB), […] Continue reading ->
The announcement by Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Coca-Cola will sponsor the 27th Annual United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27) has been widely condemned by climate and health activists. The #COP27 Presidency announces The @CocaCola Company as a Supporting Sponsor to COP27. For more information: https://t.co/JDyhS2N79A pic.twitter.com/XRhjoA4i2b — COP27 (@COP27P) September […] Continue reading ->
Russia’s war in Ukraine is draining resources to build better health systems, while Sino-American rivalry is undermining the global solidarity needed to address future pandemics. But the massive under-investment in new antibiotics to combat drug-resistant “superbugs” and weak primary health systems might be the biggest enemies of global health. This was according to global health […] Continue reading ->
The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) has signed a voluntary licence agreement with Japanese pharmaceutical company, Shionogi, to enable generic companies to produce its COVID-19 antiviral treatment pill candidate, provided it gets regulatory approval. The pill, ensitrelvir fumaric acid, has already shown efficacy in a phase 2/ 3 trial involving 1,821 COVID-19 patients from Japan, South […] Continue reading ->
After three years of number-crunching, economists have come up with a price tag for what overweight and obesity cost countries in 2019, and it’s a staggering 2.19% of their gross domestic product (GDP). On average, African countries paid $20 per capita to address the consequences of overweight and obesity, while in countries in the Americas, […] Continue reading ->