Anne-Claire Amprou, French Ambassador for Global Health, has replaced Roland Driece of the Netherlands as the co-chair of the World Health Organization (WHO) Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) that is hammering out the pandemic agreement. However, Amprou, who coordinated the French response to COVID-19 and was a member of the international Ebola task force, is interim […] Continue reading ->
The lifesaving HIV treatment dolutegravir (DTG), used by 24 million people in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs), has unexpectedly contributed to a significant reduction in carbon emissions when compared to the previous standard of care, efavirenz, according to the latest report by global health initiative Unitaid. The report estimates that the transition to DTG will have […] Continue reading ->
Côte d’Ivoire became the first country to roll out the new R21/Matrix-M vaccine with the first child vaccinated in Abidjan on Monday. The vaccine, co-developed by the University of Oxford and Serum Institute of India (SII), was granted prequalification status by the World Health Organization (WHO) in December last year. This follows the approval of […] Continue reading ->
Caribbean leaders from “the frontlines of climate change” are appealing for international support in the wake of Hurricane Beryl, which has already caused widespread destruction – even before the usual start to the hurricane season. Hurricane Beryl, the earliest recorded Category 4 storm in the region’s hurricane season, levelled 90% of the buildings on Grenada’s […] Continue reading ->
The outbreak of a new and dangerous strain of mpox in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has now spread to Goma, eastern DRC’s largest city with 25 cases reported, mostly in the city’s displaced persons camps, WHO officials confirmed on Thursday.  And with person-to-person transmission occurring, particularly within communities on the move after fleeing […] Continue reading ->
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, cyberattacks, genetic engineering, and amateur-led biology experiments could all pose threats to a country, according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) updated guidance on lab biosecurity. The guidance aims to help national regulatory bodies and other institutions “establish or strengthen frameworks for handling high-consequence pathogens”. It features a comprehensive set of […] Continue reading ->