Introducing The New Health Policy Watch Website

Today marks the launch of a brand-new online platform for Health Policy Watch,, which has been redesigned to bring the richest possible selection of stories and ideas about current issues under debate in global health policy circles – which directly or indirectly touch the well-being of nearly everyone on the planet.

As its name implies, Health Policy Watch is the only independent media agency wholly devoted to covering global health issues — through the lens of policy debates and decisions. These decisions in turn help shape the thousands of health-related standards, regulations and investments — from food safety to preventing the next pandemic flu outbreak; from combatting diabetes to air and water quality.

Our new website navigation highlights five key themes reflecting the leading issues confronting health policymakers today, and into which our coverage is organized:  Antimicrobial Resistance; Infectious Diseases; Pandemics & Emergencies; Non-Communicable Diseases and Health in Sustainable Development Goals.

Through the lens of those topics we are covering stories ranging from the World Health Organization’s new “Transformation Agenda” – which aims to improve the health of 3 billion people by 2023 – to breakthroughs in malaria research happening right now in the Amazon.

We will be searching out the stories that illuminate more of complex, and often obscure workings of international health actors and institutions headquartered in Geneva, New York, Nairobi or elsewhere — and tasked with supporting countries worldwide in the expansion of health coverage, promotion of healthy lives and responses to unexpected threats from pandemics and emergencies.

Our new platform will tell these stories better through featured in-depth posts such as today’s banner story on 5 top global health issues of 2019; original infographics; a news briefs section; and more picture and video content, all followable on social media.

Among our features will be regular blogs and interviews with global health policy leaders and influencers.

And we are also introducing a “supported series” section allowing more in-depth coverage of selected topics and trends – while preserving our editorial independence in the shaping of this content.

All of our content is designed to be completely open access. We invite you to subscribe to the daily or weekly edition of Health Policy Watch via email here, and follow us on Twitter @HealthPolicyW.  Send us your confidential reactions, ideas, insights and comments at or comment to directly to our posts if you like!

— William New, Editor-in-Chief


Image Credits: Health Policy Watch.

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