Warnings of above-normal temperatures began in early March. Government health experts issued new guidelines for emergency cooling including measures like heat stroke rooms. By June, hundreds of heat-related deaths had been reported across the country, several in India’s two-month-long election. Under a mid-day blazing sun on a busy Delhi road, Monu Kumar Yadav tends to […] Continue reading ->
Like most African countries, non-communicable (NCDs) diseases, including diabetes, is increasing in Zimbabwe. And children are increasingly among the cases that go undetected or treatment until severe symptoms emerge.  HARARE, Zimbabwe – Ten-year-old Tadisa Sayi already contends with diabetes and when his blood sugar levels spike his mother, Naume Shereketo, endures the mood swings induced […] Continue reading ->
The tobacco industry is deliberately targeting children with nicotine products, using targeted marketing to lure the younger generation into smoking while publicly promoting e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative for smokers, according to a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and STOP, a tobacco industry watchdog. The report, released ahead of World No-Tobacco […] Continue reading ->
Costa Rica’s and Malawi’s ministers of health, along with global health and policy experts, gathered in Geneva to discuss self-care. At an event organized by the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF), participants advocated for a World Health Organization (WHO) resolution on self-care. Costa Rica, Egypt, and Malawi, the three countries that co-hosted the event, are working […] Continue reading ->
GENEVA – Cardiometabolic diseases, a group of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, are on the rise globally, threatening life expectancy gains and burdening vulnerable economies with excess healthcare costs. These diseases already contribute to over 30% of global deaths each year. With one billion people now living […] Continue reading ->
Almost 70% of the 4.2 million deaths attributed to ambient (outdoor) air pollution in 2019 were caused by cardiovascular diseases, notably ischaemic heart disease (1.9 million deaths) and stroke (900,000 deaths), according to a new report by the World Heart Federation (WHF). The report highlights the outsized impacts air pollution is having on the worldwide […] Continue reading ->