COPENHAGEN –  While conflict and natural disasters are usually played out in the media against dramatic scenes of mass casualty response and rescue teams, there’s an iceberg of chronic health conditions that can be even more life threatening and these need far greater attention in emergency response.  That is the theme of a global high […] Continue reading ->
International humanitarian law is clear that “even if health care facilities are being used for military purposes, there are stringent conditions which apply to taking action against them, including a duty to warn and to wait after warning”, said Steven Solomon, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) principal legal officer. “Disproportionate attacks are strictly prohibited. All […] Continue reading ->
One year after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake wracked Türkiye and Syria, some 690,000 people  remain displaced in southern Türkiye, out of the 3 million people that initially lost their homes  when the natural disaster hit in the early morning of 6 February 2023.    Another 40,000 Syrians remain internally displaced mainly in the northern region of […] Continue reading ->
The United Nations estimates that 363 million people are currently impacted by humanitarian crises driven by increasing fragility and conflict, the climate crisis and widening inequality. Around 108.4 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2022, meaning one in every 74 persons globally. Humanitarian crises, such as those occurring in Ukraine, Gaza, Libya, […] Continue reading ->
Climate and conflict-related malnutrition in the Horn of Africa, rising gender-based violence in Haiti and attacks on medical facilities are some of the challenges facing the World Health Organization (WHO) as it seeks $1.5 billion to finance its emergency response. “For those facing emergencies, disruptions to essential health services often mean the difference between life […] Continue reading ->
From earthquakes in Afghanistan to floods in Libya and the conflicts in Gaza and Sudan, WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean region, is beset with one of the world’s largest concentrations of people trapped in humanitarian crises and in desperate need of emergency health services, food aid, as well as peace,  said Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari, WHO Regional Director […] Continue reading ->