Professor Hanan Balkhy will step into the shoes of Dr Mariângela Simão, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Assistant Director-General for access to medicines and health products, when she leaves on Thursday, according to WHO sources. Currently WHO Assistant Director-General of antimicrobial resistance, Balkhy served as executive director of infection prevention and control in Saudia Arabia […] Continue reading ->
Although India’s Supreme Court issued a landmark decision granting all women the right to an abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy in late September, many obstacles stand in the way of women getting abortions – including the conservative attitudes of health workers towards unmarried women. The Supreme Court decision erased the difference between married […] Continue reading ->
A special project celebrating the fifth anniversary of “Our Views, Our Voices” | Learn more Jaime Barba, from Mexico, developed Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) after smoking for 32 years. When COVID-19 struck, the country converted the hospital at which Barba received treatment into a COVID facility, leaving him no place to be treated if […] Continue reading ->
A special project celebrating the fifth anniversary of “Our Views, Our Voices” | Learn more Joining Pallium India in 2014 gave Ashla Rani back her life. Rani fell off a moving train and suffered a spinal cord injury that left her bed-bound and dependent on others for almost everything. She became depressed, asking herself, ‘Why […] Continue reading ->
The term monkeypox will be replaced by mpox within the next year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This follows “racist and stigmatizing language” being used in relation to the large outbreak of mpox for the first time in Europe and the US. The WHO said it had been approached by a number of […] Continue reading ->
Almost three years of harsh lockdowns, enforced quarantines in state facilities and daily testing have tried the patience of many Chinese people, who since Friday have taken to the streets from Shanghai and Nanjing in the east, to central Chengdu and Wuhan and Urumqi and Korla in the north and west. While scores of people […] Continue reading ->
Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has extended quarantine measures in the two districts at the epicentre of the country’s Ebola epidemic for another 21 days, citing the need to protect gains in the fight against the virus. This marks the third renewal of lockdowns in Kassanda and Mubende, and authorities are hopeful it will be the […] Continue reading ->