While the World Health Organization’s International Negotiating Body (INB) continues to negotiate a global Pandemic Agreement, the US has issued its own vision for global health security and expanded its bilateral partnerships with countries across the world. Following the release of this revamped US global health security strategy, Health Policy Watch spoke with Stephanie Psaki, […] Continue reading ->
Like most African countries, non-communicable (NCDs) diseases, including diabetes, is increasing in Zimbabwe. And children are increasingly among the cases that go undetected or treatment until severe symptoms emerge.  HARARE, Zimbabwe – Ten-year-old Tadisa Sayi already contends with diabetes and when his blood sugar levels spike his mother, Naume Shereketo, endures the mood swings induced […] Continue reading ->
Is One Health really an agenda of only the Global North?  Panelists at an event last week, hosted by the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Global Health Center, think otherwise. They talked about how developing countries are putting One Health principles into practice to head off future disease outbreaks. One Health is critical to future prevention of […] Continue reading ->
‘Extortion level’ capital costs put renewables out of reach in most developing economies; fossil fuel companies rake in record profits; and world reels from record heat, freak floods and drought, says UN Secretary General.  New climate data released Wednesday shows virtually all key global warming parameters, including land and sea temperatures at all time record […] Continue reading ->
Climate change is perhaps the greatest threat to human health. In a warming world, with changing and unpredictable weather patterns, its effects are all around us. In 2022, Pakistan experienced the worst floods in the country’s history, placing much of the country under water and giving way to a fivefold increase in the country’s rate […] Continue reading ->
The World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board on Tuesday voted to recognize the US-based Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) as a non-state actor “in official relations” with it, in a motion carried by a narrow 17-13 margin, with four abstentions. After multiple rounds of voting, the final vote was by way of a secret ballot. […] Continue reading ->