The World Bank on Tuesday announced the immediate release of US$12 billion to support countries struggling to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. That followed news that the global death rate from the novel coronavirus was now averaging around 3.4% as compared to around 2% of cases previously reported by WHO. In comparison, estimated fatality rates […] Continue reading ->
The World Health Organization is set to reconsider a declaration of an international public health emergency over the novel coronavirus discovered in Wuhan – as the number of confirmed cases soared to 6086, the death toll to 132, and infections were reported in 15 other countries. WHO announced that it would reconvene its Emergency Committee […] Continue reading ->
Some 50 million people in China were under quarantine as infections by the novel coronavirus first discovered in Wuhan accelerated rapidly, and new research suggested that it was far more infectious than previously thought. China’s Minister of the National Health Commission acknowledged that “the epidemic had entered a grave and complex period,” as the country […] Continue reading ->