Many Geneva-based health agencies have worked together for years to improve global access to diagnostics and treatment, but the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated much closer collaboration and speedier decision-making. This is according to experts from the WHO co-sponsored  “ACT Accelerator” medicine access partnership – including UNITAID, the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), and the […] Continue reading ->
A mix of strong national measures and international cooperation is needed to solve the COVID-19 pandemic – and the Geneva Health Forum (GHF), which opened on Monday, is showcasing examples of both, said Switzerland’s Foreign Affairs head Ignazio Cassis and Harsh Vardhan, Indian Minister of Health, speaking at the opening session of the three-day event (16-19 […] Continue reading ->
Third in a series –  Even before the coronavirus struck, large swathes of Africa, as well as parts of South-East Asia and Latin America, still relied on fragmented paper-based medical records, making it difficult to track people’s medical history – and thus provide high-quality treatment and care. The Virtual Innovation Fair, which is a key […] Continue reading ->
Second in a series – On Wednesday, 18 November, at 2pm CET, leading experts at the Geneva Health Forum (GHF) 2020 will provide their take on how to move forward on the recently approved WHO global strategy to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer, which kills 300,000 women every year, mostly in low-resource settings like […] Continue reading ->
What if every household in the world could diagnose coronavirus-triggered pneumonia from their home with a cheap handheld device? We are not at this stage yet. But the Swiss-made Pneumoscope, an intelligent stethoscope that can diagnose pneumonia in seven minutes, is bringing this dream closer to reality, says Benissa Mohamed-Rida from the Pneumoscope initiative. The […] Continue reading ->
IBADAN, Nigeria – In the wake of George Floyd’s death in June 2020, the decentralized protests initially organized by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement triggered an awakening and an echo that has reached well beyond the borders of the United States. What started as a non-violent movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and […] Continue reading ->
From a small and modest gathering of booths and stands in 2006, the ​Geneva Health Forum​ has grown into an international event with a strong array of scientific sessions. ​Although the GHF was forced to postpone its eighth annual conference, from March to 16-18 November due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that has not prevented the […] Continue reading ->