In a final, late-night session on the World Health Assembly’s last day, the WHA adopted a new global strategy on HIV, hepatitis B and Sexually Transmitted Infections 2022-2030 (GHSS) by a vote of 61-2 – but with 30 absentions and 90 delegations skipping the vote altogether.  The vote Saturday evening, after hours of painful debate, […] Continue reading ->
Despite significant compromises to a draft strategy on HIV, hepatitis B and STIs, conservative World Health Organization (WHO) member states used a debate at the World Health Assembly on Friday to object to the inclusion of such as “sexual orientation”, “sexuality” and “men who have sex with men”. The objections were led by Nigeria, Egypt, […] Continue reading ->
Geneva Health Forum’s Global Health Lab showcased over 100 new diagnostics and treatment tools designed for resource-constrained settings. GICMED is one of the over 100 innovations and devices that were featured. These innovations are specifically suited for resource-limited settings in lower-income countries. While global attention continues to be on the COVID-19 pandemic and outbreaks of […] Continue reading ->
Amid huge global contestation over abortion, the Kenyan High Court recently affirmed that women’s “access to safe abortion services is a human right” as enshrined in the country’s Constitution, and directed parliament to enact laws in this regard. Malindi High Court Judge Reuben Nyakundi made the ruling late last month in a case involving a […] Continue reading ->
Commercialising the health sector and leaving healthcare up to the markets is “dangerous” and “really amoral” the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the launch of a brief on measuring value in the economy on Tuesday.  The policy brief, produced by the WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All, […] Continue reading ->