SHARM EL SHEIKH, EGYPT – Michael Terungwa, a solar entrepreneur in Abuja, Nigeria, will know that real progress is being made on climate change when things change in his hometown.  When the 10-20% in customs and tariffs that he pays for cheap, imported Chinese solar panels are removed; when his customers’  solar purchases are subsidized […] Continue reading ->
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Shujaat Ali Khan’s community in the Swat valley of Pakistan was devastated by recent flash floods, leaving thousands displaced and destroying infrastructure and crops.  “Land in the area was completely destroyed and the community needed urgent support,” said Khan, who wanted to help his community. He found that climate activists from the […] Continue reading ->
SHARM EL-SHEIKH, EGYPT – As global delegations fight to keep the dream of limiting warming to 1.5C within reach, plastic pollution contaminating aquatic life, soil quality and the human body, is skyrocketing. The relentless growth of demand for plastics driven by subsidies for fossil fuels, coupled with the failure of recycling and waste management systems […] Continue reading ->
As ceremonies opened in Sharm El-Sheik’s grand plenary hall on Monday, only one word came to mind in trying to sum up the scene: surreal. World leaders paraded into the hall to music seemingly taken from a Star Wars film; the cast of speakers taking the stage consisted of a petro-state monarch, a friendly host […] Continue reading ->