Caribbean leaders from “the frontlines of climate change” are appealing for international support in the wake of Hurricane Beryl, which has already caused widespread destruction – even before the usual start to the hurricane season. Hurricane Beryl, the earliest recorded Category 4 storm in the region’s hurricane season, levelled 90% of the buildings on Grenada’s […] Continue reading ->
Hurricane Beryl, which has destroyed homes and infrastructure in large parts of the eastern Caribbean, is the first first-ever Category 4 hurricane recorded in the region in June – and a portend of devastating changes in weather patterns. It also underscores the need for urgent international assistance to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to strengthen […] Continue reading ->
Human skin can absorb ‘forever chemicals’, University of Birmingham researchers discovered, revealing a new pathway for these toxic substances to enter the body. The finding amplifies health concerns as researchers increasingly detect per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in people worldwide. PFAS are man-made chemicals that persist in nature and human bodies for a millennium before […] Continue reading ->
The fifth State of Global Air report shows air pollution is now the second-leading risk factor for death globally, after high blood pressure. Most of the deaths are from non-communicable diseases (NCD). The report has a silver lining about lives saved which shows how there’s been a large drop in the death rate of children […] Continue reading ->
Warnings of above-normal temperatures began in early March. Government health experts issued new guidelines for emergency cooling including measures like heat stroke rooms. By June, hundreds of heat-related deaths had been reported across the country, several in India’s two-month-long election. Under a mid-day blazing sun on a busy Delhi road, Monu Kumar Yadav tends to […] Continue reading ->
‘Extortion level’ capital costs put renewables out of reach in most developing economies; fossil fuel companies rake in record profits; and world reels from record heat, freak floods and drought, says UN Secretary General.  New climate data released Wednesday shows virtually all key global warming parameters, including land and sea temperatures at all time record […] Continue reading ->
The fight against malaria is facing a new and urgent challenge as climate change and extreme weather events threaten to undermine decades of progress, according to warnings from several countries at the 77th World Health Assembly this week. “Recent extreme weather events such as flooding in Malawi and other countries have intensified malaria transmission, disproportionately […] Continue reading ->