The World Trade Organization’s TRIPS Council agreed on Wednesday to move ahead with a “text-based process” – effectively greenlighting negotiations over a proposal to waive intellectual property associated with COVID tests, treatments and vaccines, Geneva-based trade officials said. The move was  the latest in a series of incremental advances on the controversial initiative by India […] Continue reading ->
WHO’s Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebryesus called on leaders of the  G7 Group of the world’s most industrialized nations to share at least 100 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses with low- and middle-income countries in June and July and 250 million doses by September.  His appeal, at a WHO press conference Monday,  added to […] Continue reading ->
Shortcomings and failures in the World Health Organization’s internal justice system  –  laid bare during revelations of sexual abuse and exploitation in DR Congo –  require more systematic reform to make the system transparent, fair and equitable, the head of WHO’s Staff Association told WHO’s Executive Board governing body on Wednesday.   “Delays in responding to […] Continue reading ->
United States charges against Syria and Belarus for human rights abuses, including reference to a “ruthless Assad regime”, were a major theme at Wednesday’s World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board meeting – in what may also be a signal by Washington to Russia ahead of a high profile “Geneva Summit” that the US is going […] Continue reading ->
Amidst fresh calls from US President Joe Biden ordering the science and intelligence community to come up with a more detailed account of how the SARS-CoV2 virus emerged – it’s unclear how much action the World Health Assembly will really see on the issue. Language in the the final-agreed draft of a WHA resolution, Strengthening […] Continue reading ->