Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Action Fund Will Infuse US$1 Billion Into Search For New Antibiotics - Health Policy Watch said: "[…] as COVID-19 disrupts essential health services all over the world, antimicrobial stewardship programmes – which […]".

    If it makes sense to me, does it mean it’s true? – Couchrebel said: "[…]  This article quotes a study by the New York Institute of Technology […]".

    Europe’s COVID-19 Pandemic In Data – Case Counts, Mortality & Testing Rates – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] WHO has stressed that testing lies at the heart of containing infectious disease outbreaks and helps save lives by allowing authorities to trace and isolate infected people accordingly. […]".

    Europe’s COVID-19 Pandemic In Data – COVID-19 Cases, Mortality & Testing Rates – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] that the Czech public was widely engaged in home-fashioned mask making, it is also likely that priority populations like healthcare workers did not lack access to masks. Last week, Czechia began lifting its […]".

    Europe’s COVID-19 Pandemic In Data – COVID-19 Cases, Mortality & Testing Rates – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] Czechia closed its borders early on, and ordered universal masking of its citizens. So did Czechia’s extraordinary measures keep its case load and death rates particularly low? And on the other hand, could it be that Norway’s more aggressive testing policies, also helped contribute to significantly lower mortality trends, much in the spirit of WHO’s admonition to “test, test, test”? […]".

    Covid-19 and Patents, an article by Alexandros Lioumbis - Intellex Experts said: "[…] for patent owners to create “patent pools”. The President of Costa Rica made such a proposal in a letter to WHO two weeks ago. A patent pool is an agreement between two or more patent owners to […]".

    นพ.ธีระวัฒน์โพสต์เตือน หากตรวจแค่เฉพาะคนมีอาการ ไม่มีวันตัดการแพร่ระบาดcovid-19 ได้ - ให้ความรู said: "[…] แนะนำเอกสารจากดร sudarat dumrongwatanapokin(ข้อความด้านบนไม่ได้นำมาจากเอกสารฉบับนี้ อย่างเดียว)…/ […]".

    Detector: No, Colombia no está en el último lugar en el ranking de pruebas aplicadas por Covid-19 – Miradas Colombia said: "[…] la tabla que viene de esta publicación de Vigilancia de políticas de salud del lunes pasado, que el senador cita solo incluye a los países que han aplicado por lo menos 200 prueba por […]".

    ONU revela que en Venezuela se procesan 99 pruebas diarias de COVID-19 - Runrun said: "[…] la ejecución de las políticas públicas de salud en el mundo, difundió en su portal web un estudio sobre los métodos de detección de la nueva enfermedad por […]".

    Quarentena News - LAbI UFSCar - Divulgação Científica said: "[…] COVID-19 Testing Trends – Globally & Regionally […]".

    Joe Gartner said: "Really guys, are you going to associate everything to climate change just to push the global agenda? I can agree that improved health systems would help mitigate the likelihood of an epidemic but associating climate change is pushing the envelope on this "Climate change" frenzy.".

    Joe Gartner said: "It is just amazing how these people have associated the climate change with hunger issues to help push it as an emergency agenda. 1st, the biggest problem most of these countries have is totalitarianism (dictatorships and such) that deprive their own people of the resources their countries have to offer. These governments horde their resources and let the people fend for themselves. This what NATO should be addressing....and if not NATO what are they there for? 2nd, people condemn the USA and capitalism but are the first ones in line when the liberal politicians are handing out the American peoples money. You want the world to prosper like America......adopt capitalism and the free market. America can't support the entire world! The path to resolutions starts with NATO and changing the governments that abuse their own people.".

    Civil Society Takes Charge On Climate Action As Governments Waver – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] But ‘traditional’ health and humanitarian organizations are also becoming more assertive.  The International Federation of the Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) both issued statements just ahead of the Summit about the urgency of addressing climate change.  Vital Strategies, a longtime actor on tobacco control, NCDs, and traffic injuries is also becoming more active in the climate space (see interview). […]".

    Ambitious Universal Health Coverage Declaration Goes Before World Leaders at UNGA – Health Policy Watch said: "[…] In the final agreed text, negotiators resolved an issue over references to sexual and reproductive health rights, which had prevented consensus on an earlier draft negotiated over the summer. […]".

    Joe Gartner said: "Ok, fi the software is designed to help everyone equally then why do they need to incorporate special considerations for specific groups? In my opinion, this is continued pandering to appease specific groups of people. Come on guys, just make the software work equally for everyone and everyone will be happy.".

    Joe Gartner said: "I have commented on this in previous articles, you are asking an industry that has spent Billions on research (procedures and techniques) to just give up their proprietary information with no compensation. While the goal of UHC is noble, we have already seen that no one wants to contribute the amount of funds necessary to adequately compensate the industry for their work or to fund new labs and research facilities. Nothing is free and from what I have seen the main backers of this transparency movement are the countries that have not contributed anything to industry. Like the old saying goes, you get out of it what you put into it.".

    Joe gartner said: "Once again they are making policies in respect to only one demographic when it should be applied to all people. Historically women represented 99% of the domestic violence abuses known in the world, but as with all things time has changed that statistic. Now males are becoming a larger portion of the domestic abuse. You have same sex relationships that now present a change in narrative to domestic abuse reports. The rules should encompass spousal abuse with respect to a couple because the abused could be female or male as well as the abuser could be male or female. If you are going to afford protections and rehabilitation for domestic abuse and empowerment the you should do it for everyone.".

    Joe Gartner said: "This whole concept of sharing of data is progressing prematurely. First, you are asking companies that have spent billions of dollars and many years developing the drugs and trials to give instantly give up all their potential earnings from future developed drugs. I understand why all these other countries agree this policy, they have not spent a penny or contributed anything to the industry itself but want to enjoy all the benefits of it for next to nothing. While your goals are commendable, these countries need to contribute to a global collaboration to finance future research. But as we have seen from recent attempts, when asked to do so, no one would participate or contribute to the cause. You cannot kill an open market industry under the guise of "for the good of all humanity" when no one is willing to compensate the industry for their contributions or sacrifices.".

    Eliudi Eliakimu said: "Congratulations to the WHA72 delegates for this breakthrough decison. This will improve the global efforts to fight the disease. I the current error of increasing migrants, Chagas disease will continue to be seen in non endemic countries Since, its screening among asymptomatic migrants has been shown to be cost-effective, the official recognition of April 14, as World Chagas Day, will stimulate implementation of Chagas screening programmes globally.".

    WHO: Italian resolution on drug prices gets co-sponsors; will be discussed during World Health Assembly - OnuItalia said: "[…] with colleagues from Italy’s Italian Medicines Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference to promote the initiative. The Ministry also publicly circulated an open letter signed by over […]".