Snakebite is a complex and neglected issue that requires a multifactorial strategy, including conservation, community engagement, scientific research and robust healthcare delivery, according to experts who recently participated in a Global Health Matters podcast. In the most recent episode of Global Health Matters, host Garry Aslanyan speaks with Fan Hui Wen and Thea Litschka-Koen, snakebite […] Continue reading ->
Before the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was adopted in 2003, the World Health Organization had worked for many years to prevent damage caused by tobacco consumption with the goal of passing an international agreement on tobacco regulation. The agreement, however, was not moving forward. “The real breakthrough came as scientific evidence emerged showing the […] Continue reading ->
As the world discusses how language model chatbot ChatGPT is changing the way information is created, the new episode of the “Global Health Matters” podcast addresses the question of how artificial intelligence and other technological tools can improve healthcare. “Investigators have already been testing the applicability of artificial intelligence to healthcare,” says host Garry Aslanyan. […] Continue reading ->